Into the Open - concept video

Into the Open (ITO) is the music festival of the new generation. It connects - across national borders and genres. It brings together people who love classical music and want to experience it in a new way. And it connects different art forms. Outstanding young musicians from all over the world present classical music together with artists from other genres such as dance, theatre or visual arts. The result is a unique experience...!


The cross-genre approach is a central component of Into the Open’s concept. Young, emerging ensembles develop program concepts in collaboration with artists from different genres (e.g., visual arts, electronics, theater, design). The program concepts are open to interpretation but should align thematically with the festival’s overarching theme (2023: Dreams, 2024: Visions). The invited artists are internationally renowned representatives of their respective fields. Through the interdisciplinary approach and the fusion of genre areas, we aim to create novel concert experiences and foster a “crossing” of audiences. At Into the Open, classical music enthusiasts meet theater or techno fans...


The musical participants of the festival are exclusively and predominantly young musicians who, after completing their studies, find themselves in a phase of independent artistic initiatives (soloist, ensemble, etc.). The focus in selecting musicians is on freelance musicians and ensembles, as well as graduates/alumni of our partner institutions. In doing so, we provide exciting prospects for aspiring artists and, at the same time, offer institutions a platform to maintain connections with graduates and generate positive impulses. With the 2024 season and the expansion of ITO into the European territory, a Open Call for Participation was announced for the first time in the fall of 2023, providing interested artists with an opportunity for active involvement.

ITO is a creative and neutral platform where artists from the independent scene collaborate with state institutions, fostering networking and connections.

Wenhui Deng, Percussion – Fanny Mendelssohn Artists

Beata Antikainen, cello – Marina Grauman, violin


ITO provides education programs within the framework of the festivals, as well as regular online sessions, such as masterclasses, panel discussions, and seminars. Our education programs aim to assist young artists in viewing music from a new perspective, developing their careers sustainably, and ushering classical music into a new era. To achieve this, we regularly invite significant and forward-thinking personalities to share their knowledge and thoughts with us. This includes instrumental masterclasses as well as seminars on topics like social media marketing.

ITO Experience

Upon entering the venue, a captivating journey into unknown dreamscapes begins, guided by video installations, visual arts, electronic sounds, and delights at the bar. The staging of the entrance ritual is an integral part of the festival concept.

Responsibility – Environment

ITO has signed the Sustainability Declaration for the Cultural Sector presented by Culture4Climate, based on the UN Agenda 2030 for sustainable development and the European Green Deal. This commitment involves establishing guidelines at the project level to address ecological challenges, including reducing the carbon footprint, waste, and the use of valuable resources, as well as raising awareness.

Meike Droste, acting

Emmanouela Dolianiti, dance – Philipp Schupelius, cello

Into the Open presents itself as an open project with a variety of formats. These include regularly occurring festivals in multiple countries, smaller and sometimes spontaneously organized pop-up events at various cultural venues in Berlin, as well as elaborate ITO Productions such as the project Diaghilev – at the turn of time(s) in the summer of 2023. Additionally, event partners like the Konzerthaus Blaibach or the Kultursommer Nordhessen adopt and showcase our productions as part of their series. This enables us to provide sustainable support to participating artists.

Overview of our Formats:

Articificial Intelligence Mental Disorder, video installation

Margarita Broich, reading

CAERUS chamber ensemble

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